Inline   Lab version
Flexible in installation   No pre-treatment
Can be calibrated for up to 8 products, up to 4 parameters per product   Consumable-free: no chemicals, no costs, no waste
Fast measurement   Clean easily (use only water and soap)
Requires no special cleaning procedure   Easy handling, measurement, installation & operation
Built directly into pipe or tank, no bypass   Use intuitively after short training
Up to 6 bar, up to 10 bar without sample valve   Measure quickly (20 seconds)
With operating unit   Small dimensions
Process connection: VARILINE® housing 4x 4-20 mA analogue input and exit each, 4x digital 24V output   Device can be calibrated for many applications (curd, biological cells,…)
    Usable in laboratory
    Robust, can be placed at production site